Monday, June 8, 2015

I love being a missionary!!!!! Best thing ever!!!

Hello from Paraguay!!

It was a beautiful week of Miracles and missionary work is just the best thing in all the world! I love it so so so much!!!! And don't want to ever part from it! There have been so many blessings that I have seen happen and miracles and it is so great!!!!!! 

We have a new hermano who got called to be our branch mission leader! and he is so great! one of the best mission leaders I have had, who calls us and gives us references all the time... We are so excited about the work! And Bueno! we have had some major success this week! 

Yesterday was a great Sunday we went up 20 in our asistencia! Woo hooooooooooo So exciting! Then it gets even better four of them were investigators! YEP! you heard right! Four or actually five were, but one had to leave early!!!! but he wants to know more, he just came in on his own and attended elders quorum! Oh yeah..... This week was a week of dreams for me here in the mission.

Starting with A~! We Taught him a few times and he is slowly progressing, it is a little difficult, but it is working out. We are working on it but now he is starting to play a bigger role and told us he would keep coming to church and he listened to many testimonies yesterday that helped him see that he may want to get baptized one day. The wife of a man who is getting baptized this Saturday shared her testimony and it helped A~ understand that he isn't the only one investigating the church. so that was cool! 

Then there is N~....... Can I just say coolest reference ever, N~ would like to baptized on the 27 of June!!!! He acted as though that was too far away! Haha, but he needs to learn more so he is ready. He already been to church 3 times and we have our first lesson with him tomorrow! Well can you say golden investigator! He was a reference from a brother in another branch and that is why he has been to church already! greatest thing ever! 

Then there is M~ she has a son who is less active in church. She is the sister to our new branch mission leader! And some miracles happened with her before when she attended church in Spain, but moved back a long time ago but wasn't ready to receive missionaries. Her son is struggling and she is willing to do anything to help, so we did a fast with her and she came to the church, and at first she was there only for her son, but in the last hour we had sacrament meeting and she was sitting in the front and L~ (the sister who got baptized a week ago) (This part made me almost cry) L~ got up and shared her testimony and shared about how she received an answer and it was the greatest thing ever. Later that night M’s~ brother called us and told us that L’s~  testimony touched his sister and now she has questions and wants to really know more!!! ahhhhh!!!!! So happy about that! It was a great moment! And I am really excited about working with her! 

Then there is another girl, L~ who came to church, the elders invited her and she showed up and then she left before we could really talk to her, but she came and we have her number and she is really interested and we plan on going by tonight!!!! 

Also an older man named P~ just walked into church yesterday and we are going to try and find him and talk to him, he wants to know more as well!!!! 

I love being a missionary!!!!! Best thing ever!!! 

Ok that is just a quick rundown of the week it has been so great! And the spirit so strong! My poor companion even got sick this week, but is so strong and just kept working and we had major success in the time that she was sick and putting her best foot forward!!!! Now she is all good and isn't sick but she is a fighter and I'm so grateful for that!!! 

I love you tons and am here to remind you about reading the Book of Mormon! I hope you haven't forgotten yet!!! Keep reading everyday just a little bit it will make all the difference! 

This week I have been reading and studying a ton about real intent and desire the reason we do things. But what is real intent. As I have been studying I have come to find that Real intent is doing things for the right reason. Sometimes we get confused with what is the right reason or how to stay focused on that real intent, I'm still trying to figure it out myself, but I have come to find that as we set goals and as we put our heart, mind, and soul into it we will receive the blessing of eternal life. We should be doing things through the love that we have for our loving Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. To really fulfill what He has in store for us! It is like a triangle with there are 3 parts to it starting at the bottom the first reason people may do things is because they fear those around them (They fear the consequences, the outcome, the judgments, etc.) Second  blessings. (having a desire to receive blessings things etc.) and the last is most important is Love, We do it because we love the Lord! I testify if we change our sights and the reason we do things we will receive a never ending state of Happiness and be really prepared to live with our loving Heavenly Father (Mosiah 2:41) This life is to prepare us to meet God (Alma 34:32) To practice how we will live with Him in His kingdom. That is why the Plan of Salvation is so important, that we really fulfill this plan that Heavenly Father has for us with our best ability and helping others to change,  having a change of heart receiving clean hands and a pure heart, (Moroni 7:41-48 or just all of Moroni 7! :) )  loving our Heavenly Father with real intent, and then we will all be in a state of never ending happiness all together! That’s what He wants and that is what we should all desire here in this life! I love you all and invite you all to bring at least two references to your missionaries in your wards! Remember that Plan Heavenly Father has for us! It is real easy to just invite and give two names I promise!  

Hope you all have a great week! and keep working hard in the work of the Lord as well! 

Hermana Dunagan!