Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Adventures & Fence Clapping

Hola! This week has had ups & downs! Here in Ysapy as we look for a new people to teach we ask if we can share a message and many respond and say they are already members.... But it is an opportunity to rekindle and help others to strengthen their testimonies and invite them to come back. 

We had one investigator who was going to be baptized this past Saturday and he had been receiving lessons since December. We got everything ready for his baptism and when I say ready I mean we had to empty the font from a couple weeks before with buckets and clean it out it was a fun adventure.... Haha  Later we waited for him for his baptism and he didn't show up. It was a hard moment in time.... and was really sad. 

We taught one man a while back and he lived super far and we hadn't really gotten the opportunity to get back to his house but yesterday I felt like we should visit him and we happened to be in that area so it was perfect. We went to his house and it looked like no one was home, but we still clapped at the fence. Low and behold he was home!!! We sat and talked to him, and let me just say he is so hard to understand (one minute I understand Spanish and the next not a single word). But he told us that he had thought about the previous time we had visited and wanted to attend our church!!!! What?! That was an amazing miracle after the weekend we had just had. Heavenly Father really does put people in our paths at the right time.    

It is so important to really prepare our investigators and make sure they have a strong testimony. And sometimes it doesn't always work out the way we plan, but all things are possible through Him and His Atonement!  When we rely on Him we can receive the strength and support we need to get through all our trials! He never leaves us; it is us who leaves Him.  

I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week! 

Love Hermana Dunagan! 

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