Monday, March 24, 2014

My first baptism!!!! Cow Heart Vs. Cow Stomach

My first baptism!!!!

So after I finished writing last week we got to work! We had FHE with a family and afterwards she gave us cow heart..... Not too bad to be honest, it was better than the cow stomach I ate a few weeks ago!
We have been trying to teach one of our investigators who didn't show up to his baptism, things are really hard for him, but he has a great heart and I really want to help him understand his purpose here on the earth! One of my favorite quotes from the book, Continuous Conversion, is that we aren't earning heaven we are learning heaven. Our life here on the earth is to give our will to the Father just as Jesus Christ did. We must love and serve others and continually nourish ourselves in the Gospel. When we do so our desire will be to fulfill the lords will. Read Isaiah 55! So great!
This week we have been blessed with a ton of rain. We were prepared on Tuesday for it, but on Wednesday we weren`t. We had to run under a tree and to seek protection from the rain and then some nice people allowed us to sit under there patio covering and we talked with them for a little bit. After it stopped raining and we were walking and looking for someone to talk to. We met a younger girl in the street with her baby and her two younger sisters. We talked to her and as she began to have tears in her eyes, I just knew how much the savior loved her and it took all my strength not to cry like a little baby. It was just so powerful and I am so grateful to have grown up knowing I am a daughter of God!
We finished out the week with some Baptisms!!! Yay!!! first was the gentleman  Hna Santos and I have been teaching on Saturday and then he was confirmed on Sunday!!! Yay and then we attend the baptism of the other Hna`s! all and all it was a fantastic weekend and the spirit just keeps teaching me and all those around me! it is so powerful! I love you all and want you to know that you are the greatest! I hope you have a great week!
The coolest sister in Paraguay! (not really hahah)
Hermana Dunagan

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