Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Transfers to Marambure w/ Hermana Sanders

This week had some excitement! We went to our district meeting and found out that I had transfers (Shocker because I still have 6 more weeks of my training). I'm now in Marambure which is closer to the city. It is awesome I love it here!!!
My New companion is Hermana Sanders and she is just the greatest!!! Funny story we had the same trainer and she trained in Ysapy as well! So we know alot of the same members and it has been fun getting to talk about it!
Hermana Sanders and her old companion taught some less active kids that now come to church and yesterday we had to be “parents” and make sure they got to their classes.... They like to run around and so hermana Sanders and I have to gather them up and get them to class. Hahaha it has been a fun adventure! I really love the people in this area, they are so sweet and great!
So next week is general conference!!!!!! So excited! It is my favorite time of year! The opportunity to listen to the Prophet and Apostles is so awesome, they speak with such authority and power! It is so important to really listen to what they say and to apply it to our lives because it is under the direction of our loving Heavenly Father!
This week has taken a ton of faith because we don't know all of our area very well and we have gotten lost a few times, but we have always had the spirit with us as our guide. General Conference is a guide for our lives so pretty please listen with all your heart and I promise you will receive so many blessings as you learn and feel the spirit! 
I love you all so much, keep up all the hard work and remember to always get up again and push through the hard times because on the other side there are blessings and riches that we can't even imagine in this life!
Ciao till next week!

Hermana Dunagan! 

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