Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hola! It has been a long week but a good one! {Jan 9, 2014}

Buenos Dias! It is early here and my fingers are like lightning trying to write as much information as possible! The CCM Is fantastic, but hard. We are always praying, teaching, practicing! the language is coming slowly so I don't understand everything all the time. It is improving though! I´m so excited to go to the temple today we are leaving right after this! I am going to listen in spanish which will be a ton of spanish so hopefully I can learn as much as possible in the temple!I am so glad to hear from everyone and I can´t believe Carson is already 6!!! Crazy, he is growing up so much! I miss him and Ihope he has a great birthday!We already had a crazy rainstorm which Hermana Sump and I were in trying to get to the distribution center! hah we got attacked by flying cardboard! ;)While at the airport as funny as this may seem Heavenly Father blessed a few of us sister missionaries. We went to do money exchange and the man at the counter asked if we had $1 and 11 cents, and none of thought we had some. I decided to look in my wallet, but I knew I had taken out my change. Lo and behold there was exactly 11 cents in my wallet kinda cheesy, but it all gave us a good laugh :) My district is probably the best! Elder Pulsipher is our district leader, yes bishop Pulsiphers nephew! We are always having a good time, but always trying to increase our knowledge and the spirit in our room! It is amazing how Padre Celestial puts people in our lives so we can Learn from them!And yes mom I make my bed every morning (big shocker I know) and say my prayers (lots and lots of prayers) ;)We watched an MTC Devotional and it was amazing it taught me that in order to have converts I must be my First convert. I never looked at it that way so as I have been trying my hardest to learn things that strengthen my testimony and truly convert mi corazón to the Lord! In order to reach those who I´m meant to teach i mus be more dedicated and become a consecrated missionary! I read a talk by a general authority before coming to the CCM about being a consecrated missionary and I thought it wouldn´t be to hard because I love the Lord so much, but being here it is something that I´m learning I really have to work on. i know I´m not perfect, but I´m now the Lord´s servant and want to be an instrument that works when and where He wants me not where I want to be! I have truly felt his love and your love all the way here in Argentina!You guys are always in my prayers! I love you! And never forget that the Lord is always with you and that He loves you and wants to see you succeed. Continually convert yourself to the Lord and you will see numerous blessings! Have a grand week!

Love your favorite Hermana,Hermana Dunagan!

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