Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't Cry For Me Argentina ~ Leaving for Paraguay

This is the last time you will hear from me in Argentina! We leave for Paraguay tomorrow at 4 am and our flight should take off at 7:35!I´m so excited! I wish you were hear to help me pack mom haha, but I am managing on my own! 
Our flight is AR1260 just so you know and it is going to Paraguay Asunción if you forgot! ;) 

My new P-day should be Monday´s so I will write to you soon!

Ok so I'm going to give you a quick little bit of what happened since the last time I wrote! We went proselyting and it was a long day, we had about an hour and a half left and we had handed out a few pamphlets, but hadn't had any success. Then we walked by this young man who was cleaning out his car and all of a sudden we decided that we needed to turn around and talk to him so we did and he accepted el Libro de Mormón!!!! And we got his contact information!!!! Ahhhh! coolest moment ever! His name was Jesus, Yep I gave a Book of Mormon to Jesus Haha! It doesn´t end there either we were walking down a couple streets over from where we had talked to Jesus and we had paused to take a little break and then a young woman walked by in her early twenties and we said hola and she said hello..... Yes hello in english, we freaked out and Hermana Sump called back to her and she came to talk to us. She has been learning english for the past two years and wants to be an english teacher here in Argentina! she talked to us about how she grew up catholic and is now a Buddhist. She was a blessing in our proselyting day! In that moment I just could feel the spirit strongly testify of the Lord´s work, We got her contact info! It was amazing ok I have to go finish packing, but I love you and will hopefully get to tell you if I got to Paraguay safely. We don't get to call at all, but I love you!!!! Keep me updated on Gabriel and Kelsey and AJ and there adorable little family! 

Love Hermana Dunagan!!!!!  

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