Monday, February 3, 2014

Things Are Good!

Hola! ¿Como le va? 

This week has been good here at the CCM! The spirit is so strong and just teaches so much! We have been teaching our "investigators" and it is hard to get the message across with the language, but I know that Heavenly Father teaches through the spirit and it is amazing when you leave the IP and they said yes to keeping commitments or attending church or most important when they say sí to baptism! 

I am doing good, there are good days and bad days when it comes to Spanish but other than that it is all good! Things are good! definitely scared to get out in the field in a week in a half.... We get new North Americans missionaries today as well as some new Latinos. There has been 8 North american sisters the whole time I have been here so really small we get 7 new Americans so that will be a change. I love this sisters with all my Heart and two of them are going to Paraguay with me which makes me so happy because I don't know what i would do without them here at the CCM Heavenly Father really blessed me!  I would love an English mission sometimes, but I know why Heavenly Father sent me on a Spanish mission, and I know that He will help me through it all! I think I will have a native companion when I get to Paraguay which is intimidating because with the Latinas I can kind of say a few words but I can't understand them, so I'm going to try hard to understand and get to know the new Latina roommates we are getting today! 

We went proselyting on Saturday, it was an interesting day. Not much luck and a ton of walking around. Toward the end of the day Hermana Sump and I were walking down the street and I got the courage to talk to an older man who was smoking in front of his house. When I told him we were missionaries he started talking to us and told us he was Roman Catholic.... At that moment in time I was a little bummed, but we continued to talk to him and while I didn't understand anything he was saying I understood that he had respect for us and he mentioned the spirit and how it is a very emotional experience when you feel the spirit in your life, and boy was he correct! The spirit is so amazing, I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the ability to have him as my constant companion. We talked to this man for a good 20 minutes and when I left my testimony grew on how much Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. I tried to give him el Libro de Mormon, but he wouldn't accept it.  Heavenly Father teaches us all in different ways, and I learned so much in that conversation even with the little Spanish  I know.

As for the helado (ice cream) in Argentina it is amazing!!!!!! Kelsey would love the Chocolate ice cream! so good! 

I'm so excited to attend the temple today! The spirit is so strong and the feelings and emotions with in the temple teach us so much, if you have the opportunity to attend the temple, I challenge you to do it often, that is where our Heavenly Father teaches us the most. Go to the temple with a question and ponder it in the celestial room, the answers you receive will bring you comfort and peace! 

Also if you have the chance read 2 Nephi 9: 41-42 and 50-52, I really liked that scripture this week!!! 

I love you all so much! You are all amazing! Hope you have a great week! Adios! Until next week ;) 
Some questions I asked Kayla and her responses
1.     How is the language coming this week? Any better? I hear that it is tough and then one day it clicks, but to understand and know that it is a process and it takes some time even several months.
Still struggling
2.     How is the companionship coming?
 Good definitely difficult at times but I love her and she helps me so much even when I 'm frustrated... And you know how that is, she deals with my frustration very well... I’m lucky! 
3.     What can we pray for specifically that would help you?
 To be patient and to be diligent and not stress out to much. 
4.     Best thing so far about being on a mission?
 The spirit, when we were walking on the streets of Argentina there were times that just confirm that this is the true church it is so powerful. 
Love Hermana Dunagan! 

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